We know you love your waist trainer so much that you want to wear it all day, every day. Whether you were getting sweaty in the gym or just busy perfecting your beautiful hour-glass mirror, it is essential to take care of your waist trainer and clean it accordingly.

Some Of The Cleaning Items You Need:

 A soft cloth
 Mild shampoo/Body Soap
 A bowl of warm water
A Step By Step Cleaning Guide
Step 1: In a bowl of lukewarm water, add your favorite detergent and mix it around until it dilutes
completely. We recommend using a mild soap for this delicate piece.
Step 2: Dip your waist trainer in the bowl and slowly lather it up with soap
Step 3: Lay the waist trainer on a flat surface or your sink and use a soft cleaning cloth to free the trainer
from any bacteria or bad odor
Step 4: Rinse the waist trainer using lukewarm water all over again until there’s no soap on the fabric
Step 5: Carefully hang the trainer and let it dry completely



 Do not use a harsh brush or scrubber to wash the trainer, you don’t want to tear off the soft fabric
 Please make sure that you are not wearing a wet or moist trainer because it can lead to bacteria
formation on your skin, leading to a rash
 Never ever make the mistake of washing your waist cleaner in a washing machine because it can
break down steel bones and can even shrink the latex inside the fabric
 Never put it directly under the sunlight as it can cause discoloration
 Please do not wring the waist trainer
 Do not place your trainer inside a dryer either
How To Store Your Waist Trainer
We recommend storing your favorite piece of clothing in a drawer or a closet. Even though we suggest
that you lay it flat inside your wardrobe, you can also hang it on lingerie hanger. A waist trainer should
not be rolled into a ball as it can severely damage the shape of the trainer.

Keep your trainer fresh and soft with these tips and feel confident forever!